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Get Your Treats on afterpay & Zip
Get Your Treats on afterpay & Zip


  • Black Cats

    from $1.80

    Allseps Liquorice flavoured Black Cats are a childhood favourite. Ingredients: Glucose Syrup (Wheat), Sugar, Starch (Wheat), Water, Humectant (Gly...

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  • Laces Licorice

    from $3.95

    Ingredients: Molasses, Wheat Flour, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Sugar, Dextrose, Vegetable Oil, Licorice Extract, Salt, Flavour, Glazing Agent, Acidifi...

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  • Dutch Licorice Large Diamonds

    from $2.20

    BEST BEFORE: 30/07/22

  • Sale

    Dark Chocolate Licorice Bullets

    from $0.75

    BEST BEFORE 10/03/2022   These licorice bullets are coated with a delicious dark chocolate and will not disappoint any licorice or chocolate lover!...

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  • Aniseed Rings

    from $1.50

    BUY ANISEED RINGS AUSTRALIA Aniseed flavoured sugar coated rings. ANISEED RINGS INGREDIENTS Glucose Syrup (Wheat), Sugar, Wheat Starch, Gelatine, F...

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  • Dutch Licorice Coins

    from $1.80

    Ingredients: wheat flour, molasses, sugar, invert sugar, wheat glucose syrup, water, veg oil, colour-102, 122, 142, emulsifier-471, flavour aniseed...

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  • Liquorice Bites

    from $1.80

    Buy Liquorice Bites Australia BEST BEFORE: 21/08/2022 Soft & chewy liquorice flavoured bites.  Liquorice Bites Ingredients:  Wheat Flour, Gluco...

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  • Inch Licorice


    BEST BEFORE: 14/07/22 These hard, tasty licorice blocks are a classic for a reason! Try one today.  

  • Choo Choo Bars


    Buy Choo Choo Bars Australia The Australian Classic, Choo Choo bars have been around for generations. A choo choo bar is a chewy licorice flavoured...

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  • Save $4.25

    Red Vines Black 453g

    Original price $8.50
    Current price $4.25

    Buy Red Vines Black Australia  453g BEST BEFORE: 09/01/2022

  • Save $42.50

    Red Vines Black 453g Bulk

    Original price $85.00
    Current price $42.50

    Buy Red Vines Black Australia  453g x 12 BEST BEFORE: 09/01/2022

  • Aniseed Mega Lollipop Single


    This is priced as 1 item. Each Lollipop weighs around 20-25g.   

  • Sale
  • Sale

    Pink Lady Dark Chocolate Licorice Logs

    from $3.70

    This is for 3 logs.  BEST BEFORE: 23/06/2022

  • Dutch Licorice Small Diamonds

    from $1.00

    BEST BEFORE: 09/03/2022

  • Dutch Licorice Double Salt

    from $1.80

    Ingredients: Modified Potato Starch, Glucose Syrup, Ammonium Chloride, Cane Sugar, Molasses Liquorice extract, Coconut Oil, Flavouring, Colour (E15...

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  • Dutch Licorice Chalk

    from $1.90


  • Sold out

    Black Knight Licorice Bulk


    This contains 12 packs.

  • Sherbet Fountain Licorice


    Buy Sherbet Fountain Licorice Australia Sherbet with a liquorice dip. Delicious and loved by many! Buy Sherbet Fountain online. 25g tub.  Sherbet ...

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  • Dutch Licorice Cats

    from $1.80

    Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Modified Starch, Gelatine, Liquorice extract, Colour (Caramel), Ammonium Chloride, Flavours, Vegetable Oil (Coco...

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  • Chocolate Licorice Bullets

    from $2.80

    These licorice bullets are coated with a delicious milk chocolate! Perfect for any licorice or chocolate lover. Ingredients: Milk Chocolate 67% (Su...

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  • Licorice Allsorts Taper Box


    Buy Licorice Allsorts Taper Box Australia This is a 400g box.    

Licorice Candy

Discover and enjoy delicious aniseed flavoured candy at Funworks. We stock a variety of Licorice candy which can be ordered online and delivered to your door.  

Buy Licorice Candy on AfterPay

Get your Licorice flavour candy delivered anywhere in Australia! Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth or anywhere else! Check out our Licorice candy range below!