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Get Your Treats on afterpay & Zip
Get Your Treats on afterpay & Zip

Bulk Boxes & Bags

  • Toblerone Dark Chocolate 360g Bulk


    BEST BEFORE 31/03/2022

  • Giant Krabby Pattie Gummy Bulk


    BEST BEFORE 31/10/2021 Get your favourite burger from Spongebob.

  • Cavendish Coffee Deluxe Drops Bulk


    This contains 10 x 175g tins

  • Encona Extra Hot Pepper Sauce 142mL Bulk


    This contains 6 bottles.

  • Save $32.50

    Sour Punch Strawberry Bulk

    Original price $65.00
    Current price $32.50

    BEST BEFORE 13/04/2022

  • Trolli Sour Creations Martian Mix 723g Bulk


    Buy Trolli Sour Creations Martian Mix Bulk Australia Contains 6 x 723g bags.

  • Save $14.50

    Sour Punch Apple Bites Bulk

    Original price $57.50
    Current price $43.00

    Buy Sour Punch Apple Bites Bulk Australia BEST BEFORE 25/07/2022 Contains 12 x 141g Bags

  • Larvets Worm Snack Bulk


    These are REAL insects!! Do you dare to try them?  This is for 24 packets. These come in BBQ, Mexican Spice and Cheddar Cheese Flavours. Made by Ho...

    View full details
  • Dentyne Cinnamon Fire Bulk


    This contains 9 packets (16 pieces per pack).

  • Cry Baby Tears 56g Bulk


    This contains 24 packets.

  • Sour Burger Box


    This contains 60 items.

  • Mentos Cinnamon Box


    This comes with 15, 37g bars.

  • Airheads Bites Fruit 57g Bulk


    This contains 18, 57g packets.

  • Chewy Lemonhead Redrific Bulk


    Buy Chewy Lemonhead Redrific Bulk Australia Contains 24 x 23g packs.

  • Sour Power Strawberry Bulk


    Buy Sour Power Strawberry Bulk Australia This contains 150 x 9g Sour Power Strawberry items. *This is for one Sour Power Strawberry Strap*

  • Sour Power Mango Bulk


    Buy Sour Power Mango Bulk Australia Contains 150 x Sour Power Mango items.  

  • Sour Power Blue Raspberry Bulk


    Buy Sour Power Blue Raspberry Bulk Australia Contains 150 x 9g Sour Power Blue Raspberry items.

  • Kandy KA-BOOM Bulk


    Buy Kandy KA-BOOM Bulk Australia Contains 12 x 16g items.

  • Punchy Monkey Bulk


    Buy Punchy Monkey Bulk Australia Includes 12 x Punchy Monkeys.  

  • Airheads Gum Watermelon Bulk


    Airheads Watermelon Gum gives you the same great long lasting flavour as the taffy. Each stick of foil wrapped gum contains micro candies for ext...

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  • Jaw Busters 21g Bulk


    Buy Jaw Busters Bulk Australia BEST BEFORE 28/02/2022 Contains 24 x 21g items.

Bulk Candy Online

Discover and enjoy delicious Bulk Candy products at Funworks. We stock a variety of Bulk Candy products which can be ordered online and delivered to your door.  

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Get your Bulk Candy delivered anywhere in Australia! Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth or anywhere else! Check out our Bulk Candy range below!